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On the last two decades, software has attempted to accurately simulate auto racing, complete with real-world variables such as laser scanned tracks, fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings. To be virtuous in sim racing, a driver must comprehend all aspects of car conduct that make real-world racing so tough or competitive. It is this equivalent of difficulty that distinguishes sim racing from “arcade” driving games the principal objective is to create a sense of speed as opposed to a sense of realism.

In general, sim racing applications, are slowly become popular than arcade-style games, mainly because much more skill and practice are required to master them. Also, because of the demands on the computer system, race sims require faster computers to run effectively, as well as a somewhat costly the peripherical hardware. With the development of online racing capability, the ability to drive against a human is the closest many will come to driving real cars on a real track. Even those who race in real-world competition nowadays are using Simulation Rig for practice and training.

Lately, the physics engine that reproduces the basis of Car Racing Dynamics and improves the feeling of Car Racing Dynamics feedback. These sims, as well as improved hardware (providing tactile feedback), the experience is becoming more realistic, and the player who start to have a passion for this “Game” start to have an affection for this new sport. Yes is labeled ESport, Electronic Sport and the market around this new sports start to intake amount of money that can be similar or sometimes above to some finals of a real Sport.

RXP wants to become a Community of Virtual Drivers that committed themselves to this Esport, supporting all the information, technique and aspect that are involved in a real Virtual Racing Driver passion or career for those Racer that wants to be Faster and perform or improve the constancy skills.

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